College and Young Adult Competition

Every second year St. Petersburg Opera Guild, in conjunction with St. Petersburg Opera, holds a vocal competition with financial scholarships awarded to the talented winners.

In 2021 the St. Petersburg Opera Guild celebrated our 50th anniversary of supporting young artists through our Annual Vocal Competitions!

Participants, judges and Guild supporters learned how to develop the skills for adjusting to the change in format…and they each performed their roles exceptionally. To refresh your memory of the finalists, scroll below for access to their bios.

2023 College and Young Adult Competition​

The College and Young Professionals Competition 2023 was once again an outstanding display of talent. April 15, 2023 was filled with soaring voices and wonderful performances. Each competitor was exceptional, so it was a challenging decision for the adjudicators Angela Blasi, Karl Hesser, and Mark Thompsen. Many thanks  to Ursula Carroll with her dedication and love of young talent for Chairing the 2023 competition.

Awards were presented to:

1st Place
Laura Elena Fernandez, Soprano

2nd Place
Ashley Nunez, Soprano

3rd Place
Dalila Lugo 

Honorable Mentions
Damijan Karanfilov, Baritone
Marlina Kirimi, Soprano

2023 College and Young Professional Competition Winners and Administrators

2021 College & Young Professional Competition Winners

All First Place Winners Since Inception of
College & Young Professional Vocal Competitions

2023 Laura Elena Fernandez Miami

2022 No competition

2021 Eleomar Cuello North Port

2020 No competition

2019 Mariya Kaganskaya Miami

2018 Betsy Diaz  Miami

2017 Megan Barrera Palmetto Bay

2016 Richard Coleman Tallahassee

2015 Sarah Payne Sunrise

2014 Christine Suits Stuart

2013 Brent Turner Winter Springs

2012 Phoenix Gayles Tampa

2011 Joshua Quinn Dade City

2010 Jessica Cambio Naples

2009 Rolando Sanz West Palm Beach

2008 Ronnita Miller St. Petersburg

2007 Geoffrey Agpalo Orlando 7

2006 Christina Villaverde Crawfordville

2005 Suzanne Hatcher Miami

2004 Jeanai Ratcliffe Clearwater

2003 Scott MacLeod Tallahassee

2002 Elizabeth Cabellero  Miami

2001 Keri Alkema Winter Park

2000 Eglise Gutierrez Miami

1999 Peter Ludescher

1998 Lynn Eustis Tallahassee

1997 Noel King Altamonte Springs

1996 Sonia Santiago Palm Springs

1995 Jason Oby Tallahassee

1994 John LaForge Tallahassee

1993 Carmen Walker Tallahassee

1992 No competition

1991 Catherine Locacco Tallahassee

1990 Marie Caruso Tallahassee

1989 Heide Holcomb Tallahassee

1988 Gregory Rahming Miami

1987 Patti Jo Stevens Sarasota

1986 Jana Beth Young Miami

1985 Laurie Gibson Tallahassee

1984 Mary Diana Lutz

1983 Mary Ann Fucillo Palm Harbor

1982 Mark Filipasic St. Petersburg

1981 Janet Hall Folta Seminole

1980  Marilyn Bilovesick Michael St. Petersburg