Winner Update: Mariya Kaganskaya

Mariya Kaganskaya 1st Place Winner College/Young Professionals Competition 2019

Winning first place in last year’s St. Petersburg Opera Guild Competition was a fantastic honor for me. Since then, I have finished my tenure as a Studio Artist at Florida Grand Opera, covered the role of Charlotte in “Werther” and signed with Piper Arts Management. I’ve had continued success on the competition circuit, including First Place in both the Lois Alba Competition and the Eastern Region of the NATS Artists Awards. Winning a competition like yours is immeasurably helpful in launching the career of an emerging singer, connecting you with the judges and the company hosting the competition, but also helping you to get in the door for auditions and competitions around the country. My counterpart in the 2021 competition will not only benefit from their win financially, but also as a huge stepping stone in the next phase of their career. Thank you all so much for your support!