Belle Epoche Theme for 54th Annual Silver Bells

The theme this year is “La Belle Epoque” and will be held at Isla del Sol Y&CC which lends itself to the fashionable “salon” of Mme. Georges Bizet, patroness of science, literature, fashion, food, the role of women in politics … and of course, music in the “Beautiful Era” which spanned 1871-1914.

We are looking for items, mainly gift certificates for our silent auction and “Operatunities”. Please contact Carol Miller who is head of Silent Auction committee (727)452-5614 or bring them to the next meeting.

Do you know a business owner who would like to place an ad in the program? Contact Nina Luse (727) 360-0463

Kindly remember that profits from Silver Bells goes towards supporting scholarships for our vocal competitions as well as helping bring the St. Petersburg Opera’s educational outreach programs to schools and the community.

Belle Epoque Era Salons

During the height of the Belle Epoque era (1871-1914)  salons ( meeting places ) of well-to-do women (usually from the upper classes and wealthy middle classes) became THE place to meet artists, writers, musicians, politicians, discuss the fashions of the day, cultural events, etc. Usually held once a week, you had to be invited. Once a guest became a “regular” at the salon, he (or she) could invite a guest by permission of the hostess. One of the most famous salon hostesses was Genevieve Bizet-Straus; she was the wife of composer Georges Bizet, who died shortly after “Carmen” was premiered in 1876. A few years later, she married lawyer Emile Straus and became a friend and patron of writers and artists, including Marcel Proust. A lady of education, grace and wit, her salons were legendary.

"Don't Miss This Event!"

Addie Appelbaum and Carol Miller
Co-chairs Silver Bells 2019
with President Al May
(as portrayed by actors)